Content strategist Kate Towsey heading into the surf

Image by Rachel Jones

Kate Towsey is not afraid to try new things.

Last year, she picked up and moved from London to Newquay, in Cornwall, not too far from Land’s End. In English terms, that’s a 6 hour train ride from London and practically the end of the world.

She did this so she could surf every day. Read the rest of this entry »


Last month, I interviewed my friends, a couple of architects. Kevin Walsh from Galway in Ireland, and Sachie Nishida from Himaji in Japan. We gathered to talk about space – they deal with it in real life, I deal with it in concepts. We talked about architecture of course, but we also talked about art, dimensions, being foreign and a very odd festival in Japan.

You can listen to it here: Space: an interview with Sachie Nishida and Kevin Walsh Read the rest of this entry »

An illustration of a boy at a desk writing with a quill pen

Illustration by Edward Gorey

At the London Content Strategy Forum last month, Des Traynor gave a wonderful talk called The Language of Interfaces.

To paraphrase recklessly, his main point was that words should be treated with respect in interface design. In a subsequent blog post, he went so far as to say they’re the most important part of an interface. Read the rest of this entry »



I’m having a standoff with a nurse. She is lovely and it’s not personal, although sometimes I get a bit hot in the face, and frustrated, like a child.

The standoff regards the content of a large cancer charity website I’m working on. We’ve had many back-and-forths about the scientific information we’re displaying on the site, which is indeed the bulk of the content, and serves its primary users. Read the rest of this entry »

Laurel & Hardy giving a thumb's up

On Tuesday I presented at the 2011 Content Strategy Forum here in London.

Lots of exciting things were announced at the Forum – like the fact that next year’s event, scheduled for October 2012, will be in Cape Town, South Africa. We plan to be there.

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